Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Copy Cat

Am I a follower? Sometimes... and sometimes I'm a leader. But when somebody comes up with a good idea, then why reinvent the wheel?

I know you've seen them... those "picture a day" and "365 photos" blogs. The ones where people post a picture a day, but nothing else. I'm going to be a Copy Cat and do one, too. I love taking pictures, and sometimes I can't come up with a great explanation of a photo, but if I am going to post about it, I feel the pressure to have a creative paragraph about it, too. Well, on my "Worth 1000 Words" blog, you will find no paragraphs. No words beyond the title. The picture is worth the words (well, at least to me it is!)

I suppose I could just add my wordless images to this (Stampinsars) blog, but I choose not to.

So, if you feel like following my picture-a-day attempt... please head over to "Worth 1000 Words." Let me know what you think!


koralee said...

Sounds like a great idea...i think it would be fast and easy to do but everyday!! I know my family thinks i spend way too much time on this computer anyways. Good luck with it and i will keep checking it out!!! Have a very good week!!

Sarah said...

Koralee... the trick with this new one is to keep it simple... I have already scheduled a bunch of posts, and since it is just photos, all I have to do is give it a title. And as I take more pictures that I feel are blog-worthy, I can schedule those after the ones I have already got in place... so hopefully it will only take a bit of time each week, rather than every day!!! You already add such cool photos on your blog! I love how you capture each moment with such creativity!

And I KNOW I spend too much time on here... but everyday I find new blogs - so much fun!!

Katie and Scott said...

Hi Sarah! We love the idea & will be regular followers on the 1000 words site too!