Monday, May 11, 2009

12 X 12 pages

"I love it when a plan comes together!"
(ever watch the A-Team growing up? I was a big fan!)

Anyway, here are 3 double 12X12 layouts that came together fairly quickly... and for the top 2 examples, it was because the pictures were of such photogenic people!!

First, this is a layout I made last week of my sister Louise, and her family... I love Fall, and so this was a fun page to make. Plus her family looks so great in the Fall colours.

And here's what Louise's boys look like more recently... (Please tell me when these were taken, Louise! I need to add that on there). Louise shot these pics in her backyard, and then changed the pics to sepia before printing them. What cooperative subjects, eh?!

And, finally, this is a layout that we were given in our package at the Memory Weavers Scrapathon in April. But since I usually deal with double layouts, rather than a single layout, I saved mine to do at home, and added some chocolate chip paper into the mix, and the result is under the original.

The original (they gave us a picture of what it should look like when completed)

And.... my take on it as a double layout:


Jill said...

I love, love, love all of these layouts! Louise's family looks fantastic in Fall colours. I happen to love the fall colours too, so I totally approve. :)
And the pics of the boys look great too. Nice that you fit so many pics on a double layout there. I love the Life double layout too! The colours are really nice, for either masculine or feminine pics.

Katie and Scott said...

Hi Sarah - I loved the A-Team too! Faceman, Murdock, Mr. T and Hannibal...good times : )

Great layouts too btw...