Monday, December 15, 2008

A weekend getaway!

This past weekend, Steve and I were able to take off into Vancouver for 2 nights... thanks to some friends!! And thanks to Steve's parents for taking the kids! We were celebrating our 7th anniversary, which is actually on Dec. 22.

We stayed at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel... beautiful!

This is in our hotel lobby...

The view from "The Lookout" restaurant.... gorgeous!

The Lookout by day!!!

We did a lot of walking, window shopping, and even took in a double feature at the IMAX theatre. Then when we went to walk back to our hotel after the movie, we were greeted with snow! It was a surreal experience because the final scene of the movie was softly falling snow (the movie was the Polar Express) and then we walked out to softly falling snow... for real!!!!

Our stylin' 3D glasses!!


Anonymous said...

7 years already...How time flys
when you are having fun. :)
See you next week.

deWoldeDaily said...

It looks like you guys had a great weekend. So funny to run in to you at the mall there!!! We had a very relaxing time too - although a little shorter than yours! We could've used another night away!

Jennifer Hodge said...

Congratulations....glad you had a great time!

sonja said...

looks like a great time! that hotel is crazy looking!