Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow? Oh NOOOO!!!!

We have been told to expect a dump of snow this weekend... my kids are pretty excited. Me? Not so much! But it was kind of fun going through the snow/winter clothes and seeing the kids get so excited about the prospect of snow. It was snowing earlier today, but now it is just windy and rainy... pretty much normal for these parts at this time of the year! ** one thing I just noticed (that is also pretty common around here) is that 2 of my kids have mismatched socks on!!!

Yesterday, I was the classroom helper in Scott's class... the weather was so beautiful that the kindergarten kids and their grade 2 buddies got to have Buddy time at the playground for the last 20 minutes of the day. Good call on the teacher's part, because it wouldn't have happened today!


Quilt Nut said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it snows like mad while i'm sleeping tonight ;)

Louise said...

I'm surprised you even have snow pants! this is how my kiddies dress for school everyday... for the next three or four months! I was gonna comment on the mismatched socks back when they were decorating the tree, so glad that you know about it :) The first step is admitting....!!! heehee :)So was there ever snow for them to play in?

Jennifer Hodge said...

Way to funny not 1 set of matching socks! It is the same in my house!

Sarah said...

Well, Scott's socks match... he is a little more concerned about that than the younger ones!!

The kids got to use their snow pants this morning, then I dried Scott's to send to school... the teacher said that they would probably go out to play - crazy! It looks like a good day to stay inside to me!!!!!