Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!!

My parents came over last weekend for a visit, and my mom made the comment that she hadn't ever seen our tree up in this house since we moved here. Well, I thought we could fix that pretty quickly... so on November 30th, we put up our tree... Papa called out which branches went next (colour coded) as we assembled the artificial tree (that's right people, we have an artificial tree!!! We always had a fake tree growing up, except for one year when we got a real one and it left a stain several feet in diameter on the living room carpet - the water leaked and then caused the red tree skirt to run... anyway, we had to change the carpet before we could sell that house! And, since we've been married, we've always used a fake tree, too).

Ok, back to my story... Scott and Todd helped me add the branches, and Elise tried to steal the branches away from them :) My mom kept Elise entertained while the tree was being assembled and Steve took a bunch of pictures. Once the tree was standing tall and proud, it was time for ornaments. I went through the boxes trying to find all the ones that were silver and blue because that was my husband's decoration request this year. The kids and my mom put the decorations on the tree, and only one got broken (Elise was testing each one to see if they bounced - one didn't!)

Here are a few pics of us setting up for your viewing pleasure!

Elise's turn to put on the star!!

I think she did a great job!!!

She tried again...

And finally got it!!!

I couldn't have Christmas without red, so I put the red ornaments and stockings in the hallway.

My "Sarah's Angels" collection that I've received over the years from my sister.

I love Christmas!!!!


christy said...

wow your tree has a lot fo pieces to it. we got a prelit tree from my mom two years ago and what a blessing and piece of cake it is, three pieces and it all falls into place with very little fluffing!

Sarah said...

It's not bad anymore... I've got it down to a science - only takes a few minutes to set it up... a little bit longer with "help!"