Saturday, November 01, 2008

My little Trick-or-Treaters :)


Louise said...

Looks like they had fun! The king costume turned out great - he wore it to school right?

Anonymous said...

They are adorable...It is nice to
see the costumes handed down the line each year.

Sarah said...

Yes, Scott wore the King costume to school. It is a pretty basic costume! Just his regular clothes underneath, and a cape and a crown... and those 2 items together came to $9 at Zellers!!!

And "G" - when the costumes only get worn for a couple hours each year, (and once in awhile throughout the year when I let them dress up in them) they have to get re-used!! Elise is already talking about "next year I get Tigger!" So, we'll see.... I think Todd might fit it for one more year, but it was already too small for Scott, much to his dismay!