Friday, November 14, 2008

My Artistic Mother

One of my favourite things about myself, I inherited from my mom... art. Here are a couple paintings she did years ago. These paintings were both in my Grandparents' home. My Grandma died just over 4 years ago, and my Grandpa died earlier this year. So, my mom got some of her artwork back when their house was sold, and I thought I'd share it with you... probably the first time she's been showcased on the Internet :)

The first one is a painting of the woods near her childhood home in Northern Ontario, when they would go and gather sap for maple syrup. My dad put a new frame on it, and it is now hanging in my parents' house.

This next one is one she did in High School, and I have just become the proud owner of it! I think it will go in our guest room.

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Andrea Hildebrandt said...

Wow...these are really beautiful Sarah...your mom is very talented..and yes, you definitely got her genes!