Saturday, October 11, 2008

Praying for a friend

On Wednesday, my friend's husband died. He was only 56 years old. I had the privilege of working with her in my very first year of teaching, and she became very special to me because it was also my first year living away from home. During that year, I went to her house several times for dinner, or a visit, and felt totally loved by her family. Her husband was like a big teddy bear and he was loved by so many people. I can't imagine losing my best friend, and my heart goes out to her, and I have been praying that God will wrap his big arms around her and give her comfort.

I made her a card and I wanted to mail it off right away, so I forgot to take a picture. This is pretty much the same card. I used markers directly on the stamp and then "huffed" on the stamp to moisten it again before stamping it on the paper. These colours feel like sunshine to me, and I hope they bring comfort when the card is opened.

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A Stroke Above said...

I feel so badly for your friend's loss. If she needs to talk and sometimes a stranger helps. Send her my email please, or use it for yourself. I lost my best friend of 31 years on Dec 7, 2006. Seems like yesterday. He went to the hospital for the flu, we thought. They took him to the surgery just to put in a tube to drain fluid off his chest but when they put him under, he coded. They tried everything even opening his chest. He was eat up with cancer and never knew it. God was so merciful to take him that way as it was pancreatic and that is a bad one to have. It was very advanced and in almost all his organs. It is amazing he never complained. I am still in shock today. I am left with no one. But I saved my money and bought a computer and now I have a huge family all over the world. I spend the hours every day trying to find someone to cheer up in any way I can. I am here if anyone needs to talk. I don't know a lot about anything, but a little about a bunch of stuff. I am at least honest and broadminded. Let's chat. Linda