Thursday, October 23, 2008

Date Night....

Yesterday afternoon, around 3:30, I told all the kids to get their shoes and coats on, and found Steve in the office... here's how it went:

me - Stand up, let me see what you're wearing.
Steve - ok
me - looks good. turn the computer off, get your shoes on... let's go.
S - what? where?
me - you'll find out when we get there!
S - you want me to turn it off off? or just the monitors?
me - off off.
S - ok!
me - kids get in the truck.
kids - where are we going?
me - you'll find out when we get there!!!!!

Having previously arranged with Steve's parents to have the kids (overnight :) I secretly packed their bag and had it ready in the truck. We got to his parents and then I said, "See you tomorrow!" Steve said, "what? they're staying overnight?!!!!!" I said, "yep, let's go!"

We needed gas, so we filled up by our house. Then stopped at home to pick up the directions that I forgot... Steve ran in and got a couple apples.... He said, "I don't know where we're going, so I thought I should bring a snack." Shoot. That was a wrench in my plan. I said we had to eat them right away. He understood as soon as I told him to head for the border and pulled our our passports. He said, "what? Are we going to Mexico?!!!!" I said, "no, Bellingham!"

So, at the border (my only real worry for the date, because the last two friends I've talked to about their border crossing experiences have NOT been good - long delays, questioning, handcuffs, bruises, etc... so that almost made me change my mind) we made it through without a hitch, and the Customs Official even laughed when he saw our row of carseats. He said, "Triplets?!"

A quick stop at Edaleen Dairy for this:

Then on to Bellis Fair....

My only purchase of the day... besides the $3 photo booth, that is actually harder to use than it looks! I'm saving those pics for the s/b page!

The real reason I whisked my husband off to Bellingham was to see a new movie. It's unfortunately not playing in Canada, so we had to go south of the border. Totally worth it. If you are married, or ever plan to be married, you should see this movie. Check out the link for the trailer, and for more info on where it's playing. If you are not in the states, or don't live close enough to the US border.... the link will take you to the DVD info.


Before picking the kids up this morning, we decided to go out for breakfast. Tim Horton's was the choice, and a great way to end a surprise date!!


Kevin and Amy said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I sometimes I wish we were the spontaneous types, but alas, that is not so. Fun to read about other couples that are, though:)

Amy said...

Great job surprising your man! I'm sure it means a lot to him. My hubby and I saw this movie too. it was good I thought.

Love your blog! Have a great weekend!

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

way to go Sarah..sounds like a great night!

christy said...

Oh I would love to do that for John one of these days, i think it would take my mom more convincing then John!! I saw a whole show on I think doctor phil about that movie, it is by Curtis Cameron right? Oh I didn't realize that it wasnt' coming to canada.

Jen said...

what a cool date! I should check out the trailer; I did hear of this on Praise. :)

Crystal Fonk said...

That movie looks great, i saw a thing about it on TV, they interviewed Kirk and everything, can't wait to hear about it, OH and the planned trip without steve cute, good work!!!

I did that to Derek while we were still dating, i told him to keep a weekend free and we flew to Alberta and met my whole family out there, haha, it was great, he was shocked!

Sarah said...

Crystal, it's so fun to see you comment on here with your new name!! I'd love to just surprise Steve with a trip to Mexico, or somewhere, but it would take a bit more planning with leaving the kids somewhere, etc. My parents used to do that to us growing up - they'd wake us up at 5am and say, get dressed, we're going to Alberta! My mom would have all our stuff packed, and everything! So fun!