Thursday, October 23, 2008

A bunch of winners!!!!

Way back in September, I saw some colouring contest pictures at Safeway, and I took 3 for my kids to colour. They worked hard on them and I returned them to the store. The day I took them back, I bought each of my kids a little "prize" consisting of a sale-bin book and a small thing of smarties. They were all "winners," I said. Here's the story in pictures....

Sept. 10 - the kids enter the contest. (notice Scott's band aids, because this was just 3 days after his Emerg. episode!)

Sept. 12 - I am shopping at Safeway and my heart fills with joy as I see my kids' artwork displayed in the store!

I thought the story ended there.

Fast forward to October 15... I got a call from Safeway saying that there were prizes for my kids waiting at the Customer service desk for the colouring contest they entered over a month ago!

Oct. 17 - we went to Safeway to claim the prizes, and I was NOT expecting this..... Each kid got 2 prizes....

Scott got "Mix-ems" markers and Bathtub crayons.

Todd got a Colouring book and "mix-ems" markers.

Elise got sidewalk chalk and a colouring book.

Needless to say, the kids were overjoyed!!

October 18th - the kids using Scott's tub crayons! I was happy that they came off very easily!

Thank you, Safeway!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is great Sarah...I was there
when they were colouring their
pictures and I thought YOU would
have to buy them "prizes" cuz they
all did such a great job...and we
told them they were all winners...
way to go Safeway