Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wilton Rose

Tonight was the last night of my level one "Wilton Method Cake Decorating Course"... I loved it! We worked on perfecting the rose tonight. I think I did ok... It's just too bad that the icing tastes so yucky. But I think part of my problem is that I flavoured the icing tonight with the "Butter Flavour" and it is just raunchy. Steve had to hold his breath when I opened up the container to show him the cake... so, I am not going to be using that flavouring again... I should have stuck with vanilla. Next time. I am sure the kids will want a piece of it, so it won't go completely to waste. I don't think I can eat it. After messing about on it for so long, I hardly want to look at it anymore!!!

But I thought you might like to see it, so here you go :)

Leanne and Judi's cakes were fabulous tonight, and I want to show them as well.....

Judi's.. I love Judi's little sweet peas - she got them down perfectly!

And here's Leanne's... Once again, Leanne totally wins for the colour combo she chose. Love these colours, Leanne!


Doreen said...

Very good, gals.
I know how much work that is, especially in getting the roses right.
Too bad about your icing taste, Sarah. Terrible to work so hard at it, and then not able to taste it.

Nancy said...

I love the Wilton icing... I use half the butter flavouring and half the clear vanilla that Wilton sells. I can eat it by the spoonful!!!

Kevin and Amy said...

Yum! Even though you say it tastes yucky, it really does look good enough to dive right into:)

Great job! So fun to broaden your creative horizons, eh?

Louise said...

Looks good! Nothing wrong with your colouring - it screams "Auntie Winnie" but is pretty! So you can buy the icing??? Me and Betty Crocker are pals but that's all I'm familiar with :)