Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrappin' with Bold Brights

There is something about using Bold Brights and primary colours for Elementary school photos that just seems right. The playground is painted in these colours, classrooms are decorated in these colours, and kids just look good surrounded by these colours.

In this layout, the only stamping I did was with the "My ABCs" wheel, because I found some 3-d stickers that seemed to do all the work for me! I got Scott to write his name on the first day of school, and I will get him to do it on the last day as well... hopefully there will be some improvement!

I will just add some journaling and the page will be done... It's a bit on the busy side, but that is kind of how kindergarten children are... busy! So I think it fits in this layout, and it also lets me use a lot of pictures in one layout! I still have pics leftover from the first day of school that I didn't use, but those will go in our Family Album or a regular photo album.

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deWoldeDaily said...

Love those colours!! Your layout looks great! I just finished doing a playground page in my Lithuania album with those same primary colours. It just seems to fit!! Glad Scott is enjoying school so much!! Question though - what kind of Kindergarden teacher wears all white?!!