Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy for Cupcakes!!!

Tonight was the third of four classes in my Level one "Wilton Method of Cake Decorating" course at our local Michaels store. I had so much fun tonight. First of all, Judi and Leanne and their families joined us for dinner before the class. Then the girls went off to our class, and the guys stayed back here (with all the kids!! Seven kids in total) and just hung out for a couple hours!

The class was so fun, and it was "cupcake night" so I had a great time decorating mine. The instructor is really great, too, and she makes the steps easy to understand and is very thorough at demonstrating each technique. The kids will have a wonderful surprise in the morning when they wake up to these guys..... (but they'll have to wait until snack time to eat them :)

And these flower ones were Steve's favourites of the ones I made....

Then, to practice my "shells" I did these 2 white ones below... and the blue one is just using up leftover icing...

And just another shot of the tops of the cupcakes:

I am looking forward to taking level 2 at some point... don't know if it will be later this fall, or if the 3 of us might take the next level together in the new year. This has been something on my "to do" list for awhile now, so I am so glad that Leanne and Judi asked me if I wanted to take the course with them... it just came up in conversation one day, and about a week later Leanne called and said, "Meet us at Michaels in an hour, we're signing up!" So there you have it... you just gotta DO IT!!!! Thanks ladies... it's so fun hanging out with you each week!


Jen said...

I have been eyeing Michael's cake classes for years now... and one day I will take a class! :)
I saw you in there last night actually, but you were too busy to notice me at the door way!
So much fun!

Quilt Nut said...

love those flower cupcakes. great job Sarah!

Rodrigo Ferraz Olimpio said...

Humm ,deve ser bom hein! Mas ,o design está sensacional!