Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's up???

We've had a busy couple of days around here... snow on Monday, which cancelled my book party that I was going to host, but oh well, still got to put in an order and get some freebies!!

Then Tuesday, this beautiful creation was made in our front yard, but it took all the snow in the back yard to accomplish, so that kind of tells you how much snow we got. Today just the bottom 2 sections remain... the rest of the yard is pretty much green again, although I heard they are calling for more of the white stuff soon.

On Wednesday, I somehow got this surge of energy and got busy decorating the house for Christmas... the motivation was that last night was the final night for one of my scrapbooking clubs, and we were doing a Christmas page layout... I will share that next week after my other club gets to do the page. Anyhoo... here's Scotty putting on the star (it took a bit to convince him this was a good idea!)


Grammie said...

Your tree looks nice ... nice with
the ribbon around it.

Are you doing the Erin/Ashley
tradition...Todd's turn next year
to put the star up? :)

Sarah said...

actually, next year will be Elise's turn because Todd did it last year... there was no getting Scotty up there last year. This year he reluctantly agreed... we thought E might just try to climb the tree this year! I already told her not to touch the ornaments, so later I looked over and she was moving them around by knocking them with her bottle. Sneaky.... she wasn't technically touching them!!!!!

Jen G. said...

Nice tree and I love that last photo!