Monday, November 26, 2007

Weather traditions...

November 26, 2006 -first snowfall of 2006

November 26, 2007 - first snowfall of 2007

It only started snowing at around 6:00 this evening, just enough to cover the ground in a few centimetres. Yes, Steve is carrying a rake... he used a shovel to clear the sidewalk, but the rake is to knock the snow off the shrubs so it doesn't freeze and break branches. Just thought I would mention that so you didn't think he was still searching for leaves to rake up... Fall is gone, baby! Winter has arrived!

My first Christmas decorations - chipboard snowflakes, covered in Ballet Blue craft ink, then heat and stick powder and dazzling diamonds on 2 of them, and microbeads on the other one. I like the look of the dazzling diamonds best, so I will do more like that. I have hung them on my hallway mirror.


Heather said...

I miss snow- so your pictures make me homesick for NY. I well remember using a broom or rake to knock the snow off the bushes.

I love your chipboard snowflakes.

stampinkerry said...

i'm so glad you mentioned about the rake as that's the first thing I noticed and I wondered 'what is he doing?'!!! Makes sense and a great idea! I noticed all our trees were drooping last night with the heavy snow.
Didn't realize it was the same day last year we got our first snowfall.....I love it!
Have a great day, Love your chipboard.