Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Burlap Craze!

Have you caught the burlap bug? Seems like everywhere you turn these days there are DIY projects using burlap. I found some pictures of front door wreaths that I liked and re-pinned them on Pinterest. Today, I finally made one. Here's my take on the basic burlap wreath :)

1. Gather supplies

2. Cut burlap strips... easy way to make sure you cut straight is to pull one strand of the twine straight out and then follow that line that is easy to see now that you've left a space. Hang onto the pieces you pull out because you might need them later to help secure your pieces.

3. Gather both sides of the strips. Keep track of the ends and try not to break them off because you will use them to tie in step 4.

4. Wrap the poofs around your twig wreath and tie on with the ends that you've partially pulled through in your gathering stage.

5. Add a bow, if you'd like, or embellish some other way, or keep it simple with nothing, and hang it up on your door.

I like it... the kids said it was nice. We'll see if Steve notices when he gets home :)


Anonymous said...

I like it and I see your "Velkommen" sign too :) g

Astri said...

I like your "Velkommen" sign too. Did you bring it back with you from Norway??

deWoldeDaily said...

Love it when I hear of people actually making things that they've pinned on Pinterest! The wreath looks great!

Kimberly said...

VERY cute! I have some white burlap... hmmmm...