Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Double Dinner Post

We've had two more recent successes with dinners I've pinned on Pinterest for Steve to make for our family.

First... Broccoli casserole = Yum!

Here is the original pin that I found the recipe at.

Here is a pic of Steve's version. Super duper good! We ate it almost as a dip with nacho chips. Even crunched some up into our bowls first, then put this cheesy-broccolied goodness on top!

And then, a couple nights ago, he made my favourite one yet. (Watch, I'll be saying every new recipe he tries is my new favourite!! But he really seems to nail it every single time he tries a new recipe!)

Coconut Chicken Strips. Oh maaaannnn that was tasty! The next day, Steve went to work and the kids went to school, and I enjoyed the leftovers for lunch. Just as good the next day!

Here is the original pin...

And here is Steve in action!

Flour them, egg them, stick 'em in the coconut/cereal mixture. Not sure if he exactly followed the recipe, but whatever he did was amazing! One difference I know he did was to bake them, instead of frying them. Then he broiled them on each side at the very end of the baking time.

We also had wild rice and cooked carrots that evening.

Tonight, I made broccoli soup and cheesy dill biscuits... he's a tough act to follow, though, and my dinner, while it was delicious and finished by everyone, isn't really blog-worthy. You see, I used a package for the soup seasoning. And I've blogged the biscuits before. But, I still felt the need to mention that I do cook about half the time :)

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