Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Garden is Born

On Saturday, it felt like Summer. Warm and beautiful, we were inspired to get crackin' on our garden. I have wanted a garden since 2003 when I last attempted to grow things and miserably failed. The only thing I was successful with that year was growing Todd, and he was born early 2004 :) My sunflowers did ok in that garden, but everything else died.

Steve met his uncle and cousin for morning coffee on Saturday and then stopped by the garden centre on his way home. The plan is that the tomatoes will get to go outside and play on hot sunny days, but since that beautiful Saturday, it's been too cold and windy, so they will decorate my kitchen for a few more weeks, I think. In the round planters are some beans that I got from my dad. Not sure when they are supposed to sprout, but they are supposed to be tasty and plentiful!

As it warms a bit, I hope to get some carrots, potatoes and strawberries planted.Hoping for some home grown goodness this year!

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