Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a find!

I was at the dollar store today looking for tin food containers to give meals in when you make dinner for people and don't want them to have to worry about returning the dishes. Well, I came across this dandy of a salad bowl... I had thought I would just send a salad to my friends in an ice cream bucket, and then I found this... for a BUCK!

So... I bought 2. Because if I don't get the other one back (which is ok because that's why I got this in the first place) I still wanted one for myself :)

Now, the real reason I made up my mind to buy two was this: upon closer inspection, (and I always inspect!) I saw that these bowls are made in my very own country. Well, I'll be! That just doesn't happen much these days, so I said, "Support the economy and buy 2 bowls!" It's a really pretty colour, too!


Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Was that from Dollorama? I love the color! I bought a stack of real metal pans for $1.25 each at the Dollar Giant just so I'd have some that I could give meals in without worrying about getting them returned. The silly thing is, the disposable tin pans were the same price!

Sarah said...

Yes, I believe that it is the Dollarama that is close to us... Green and yellow store... I know they had tin ones that weren't disposable that would be better quality... but the disposable tin ones were made in USA, and I'm trying to shop closer to home so I went with them :) And there were 3 in a pack, so I figured I did ok!!! But it's sure crazy how many every day items you can find in a dollar store that you would pay double or triple for in another store.