Monday, April 18, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Today was a Zoo Day for the grade ones. I had the privilege of leading a group, and they kept me on my toes. We saw all the animals, took a train ride, visited the reptiles, and even spent some time on the playground. The sun came out to play a couple times, but mostly, it was an overcast day. I am good with anything but rain when we're at the Zoo.

Here are a few pics. I took lots of pictures of animals, but most of the other photos had more than just Todd in them, so I can't post them here. They will make it into Todd's scrapbook, though! Here's one of Todd on the train - all the kids sure loved that ride!

A little bird came begging for food, but the kids weren't willing to share!!

I love the expression this hippo gave me from across the water!

Bald Eagles are one of my favourites. In flight, or at rest, I love this bird.

Time for the lion feeding. What powerful creatures.

And, finally, a majestic peacock. I love all the colours God used to create this bird. Truly amazing. I just snapped this quickly before a kid (not mine!!) chased it away. I didn't get to see the tail feathers proudly displayed today, but I love it when peacocks get all puffed up and show off!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip and to have mom along as group leader...I am sure Todd was proud of that...lovely pictures...g