Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Art Exchange

Elise requested a painting day. I felt up to doing some art, so I said sure. I had thought of doing a sailboat, but realized I actually paint better alone. I decided to paint something a little bit simpler, so I didn't have to concentrate so hard on what I was doing. This also gave me the energy to answer her thousands of questions!

When Elise suggested that whatever I painted should be given to her, and the art she came up with would be given to me... I thought that sounded like a fair trade. She, however, felt cheated because she finished TWO pieces for me, while I only completed one :)

From Elise to me:

She did this piece first. I actually got to have a lot of input into the order of colours. Although, at one point, I suggested green, and she quickly nixed that. Said it just didn't go! She's the artist, so she should know!!

The second painting reminds me of something Emily Carr might have painted. I love the colours Elise used. She had fun mixing colours for this one. Her goal was to make brown by combining different paints together. She was quite happy with the results! I think this one will get a frame.

From me to Elise:

And, here is my painting that she said she will hang in her bedroom. I used watercolours, and she chose the colours I used. They don't even come close to matching her bedroom colours, but I'm getting the vibe that she wishes her room was orange. Maybe next time I redecorate her room :) I have quite a fun little girl, and I really enjoyed our artistic morning!

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deWoldeDaily said...

Love this! I love framing my kids' art too. It is amazing what a frame does, although I don't think any sort of frame could make my art look passable! I swear Kendra is by far a more talented drawer than I am! I just framed Jocelyn's first piece of artwork!