Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I did it!!

Earlier today, I talked about wanting to decorate some Easter Eggs... here are my eggs :)

I started the process a few days ago with some plain white eggs.

1. Wash the eggs.

2. Poke a bunch of little holes in the top and bottom of the egg using a straight pin.

3. Make the hole bigger. (about the diametre of a skewer).

4. Carefully blow the egg yolk and whites into a bowl. You can do what you want with these, even chuck them if it grosses you out to eat them. But I decided to feed them to my family for dinner. Don't worry, I wouldn't ever do this for company, or in cookies that I might give away!!!! I would only do this for my immediate family - and they weren't actually too crazy about the idea once they saw what I was doing! But dinner was still good :)

5. Once you have completely rinsed the eggs inside and out, dry them well. Step five is to heat emboss on the eggs, or to use a white crayon to make a design which will resist the dye that you paint them with. I did a bit of both - crayon and heat embossing (I highly recommend a good oven mitt if you decide to emboss on them!!). Then skewer the eggs, and paint them using Stampin' Up! reinkers. On some of the eggs, I also used gold and sliver pens to add some detail.

6. Once I was happy with the intensity of the colour, I let them dry on their skewers, standing in a cup.

7. Once completely dry, spray a sealer coat on them. I used a clear acrylic sealer by Americana.
Then they can stand in the glass again... it'll take about an hour for the sealer to dry completely.

8. Remove them from the skewers, and add some bling if you'd like. I used Stampin' Up!'s pearls and rhinestones to add a bit of sparkle.

9. Finally, display and enjoy! Happy Easter :)


Rhonda said...

those are fabulous!! great job Sarah

Val said...

Beautiful Sarah! So Artistic!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed ! g
ques...will the inkers you used rub off if you don't seal them?

Sarah said...

Mom, if you aren't going to seal them, then make sure you rub them with a kleenex. Some of the colour will come off but the egg will still be stained. I did that with the first one I did, but then coloured it again and sealed them all.

Anonymous said...

Those eggs are really beautiful. You did a wonderful job decorating them.

We've done eggs like that before too and ate the eggs scrambled for supper!