Saturday, September 11, 2010

Table Runners and Gym Bags...

Maybe this should go on the Bag Ladies Blog, but I am going to put it here.

Tonight was a night of sewing. My son is now in grade 2, which means he has to have a gym strip for school. This means he needs a gym bag. So... I made him one. We went together to Fabricland, and Scott picked out 2 different fabrics. And this is what we came up with:

Drawstring thingy on the top.

Totally reversible. He thought that was cool :) This fabric has little puppy dogs on it.

After I made this bag (which only took about an hour) I thought I would try my hand at a very "easy" looking table runner pattern. Yes, it is true that I just had to sew in straight lines, but it was very ambitious of me to take on 2 sewing projects in the same night. But, I persevered and I finished. I hate unfinished projects because I usually don't go back to them for a very l-o-n-g time and then I lose interest. It's just better if I finish what I start on the same day!!

I am quite happy with how the runner turned out. I made it with my leftover Christmas fabric from the stockings I made last year.

The tutorial for the simple table runner is HERE. And I can see how this could become an addiction. I am already planning out who might end up with one of these as their Christmas gift this year!

The flip side of the runner. Technically, you are supposed to be able to use the back as another option for display, but I think this one looks better right side up!


deWoldeDaily said...

Nice work, Sarah!! You are turning into quite the accomplished seamstress!!

Rhonda said...

so pretty Sarah! and don't worry, my straight lines weren't necessarily straight either lol!

Sarah said...

Thanks :)
I think an option would be invisible thread!! But then it's handmade, so it's not going to be perfect. I like how it turned out, but after a mile of thread I got kind of wobbly!!!