Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

My husband is away this weekend at a lake with 4 other guys. They are camping in tents and the back of a pick up truck, and waterskiing and wakeboarding/kneeboarding for the whole weekend. They will be sore and tired and hopefully happy as clams when they come home. Whenever Steve goes away, I get a tiny glimpse of what a single mom (or dad) must feel like, and I admire these women and men more than ever.

But the kids and I have done a few fun things while daddy's been gone. On Friday night we had home made mini pizza buns and watched a movie (Ballet Shoes). Then on Saturday afternoon, we did some sidewalk chalk (see pictures below).

There are fun things planned for today, as well, and I might just blog about those later. Steve will be home this evening, and we will all be very happy to see him!

Thought I would share some of our vibrant colouring. I am sure the neighbourhood appreciates the fact that with one good rain, this "artwork" will all be gone. And if the rain doesn't come fast enough, I am sure that Steve will insist on helping it off the road with a hose shortly after he gets home :)

I had to get right in here... Around Elise's birthday, I bought some new sidewalk chalks, and they just looked too fun to pass up, so I put my book down and got down and coloured!

The box brags that they are "Brighter and Bolder!" And I would have to agree....

Up until I broke open the new box, this is what we were dealing with:

Very fun... the next time you see some kids drawing on the road, why not as if you can join them? (As long as it is the washable stuff, and not real graffiti! :)

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Kimberly said...

Great pics of a great afternoon!
Love the sunflower!

(and the strawberries you were asking about are just for fun!)

Enjoy the rainy Sunday afternoon!