Saturday, September 04, 2010

My Beautiful Nephews

My sister has 4 boys. Bless her! They are all becoming handsome little men... just look at these photos from the last couple years. One thing Louise is amazing at is updating the family with photos of her boys. I love that. I am not quite as on top of things as she is.... sorry about that Lou! My mom always has to ask for updates on my kids for her 8X10 Grandkid wall. I need to get on that... the photos she has in there now are from Elise was still two. Now, she's FOUR!

I just put this page together of Ethan, Jackson, Liam and Cole. As you can see, there is a spot for Liam on the second page... any chance you have another one of those, Louise? I can't find it.

It is very much fun to scrapbook these boys because they are all so photogenic. Just look at her oldest, Ethan - he loves having his picture taken!

These will be put in my album called "People we Love."

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