Sunday, September 19, 2010

Police Run

I woke up in the wee hours of Saturday morning. There was a child calling my name... I went to help him, and he fell asleep again. But before I could fall back asleep I couldn't help but notice the sound of the pouring rain outside. It was more than pouring, it was pounding. Usually, I would welcome the soothing sound of the rain. But not on this morning, for only a few hours later I was to run a 5K race with my 7 year old.

Racing + rain = not so much fun.

But, just in time, before the race began, the rain stopped. After the race, the sun even shone. And then before nightfall, the clouds opened up and let go of what they had been holding onto all day. I was so thankful that there was no rain during the run.

We had a great time. The run was the 20th Annual Police Challenge, and it was either a 5 or 10K route. The charities our local Police Department supports are: ALS Society, Special Olympics and the United Way.

Scott left me to run with a pack of his friends around the 1.5km mark. I was ok with that because there were so many people in this race that I knew. I met him again at the finish line, 5 minutes after he crossed. But even though my child is so much faster than I am, I still posted a time that was close to 2 minutes faster than my race in May. That's the only time I was looking at.

Here are a few pictures. We had a great day, and at the end of it all, Scott said to me, "That was so much fun! I am a good runner. When can we do that again?!" That was music to my ears. I am really trying to get my kids to embrace fitness, and apparently, it's working :)


The 1st place finisher... he was done in just over 16 minutes. Unreal.

Here's Scott racing to the finish line. What a trooper! And Steve (he was standing at the finish line) said Scott finished just as strong as he started.

Here we are, still together!

The kids finished before we did, but Andrea stuck with me and we crossed the finish line together. Thanks, friend! Let's do that again!

There were close to 100 people from my kids' school that ran... from kids to teachers, to the Secretary and Principal! Talk about amazing school spirit! We got the trophy for the 12th year in a row for most participants.

I've already been checking websites for what race is next. Maybe I can shave 5 minutes off the next one. Or maybe I'll do something crazy like running a 10K next time :)

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