Monday, March 01, 2010

What goes up.....

Must come down... And up we sure went! Almost to the top of Vedder Mountain.

We are enjoying a "kidless week" thanks to my parents. If you have ever been to my blog at this time of the year before, you know that it has become tradition for my kids to hang out with my parents for a week in March. This is the 4th or 5th year that they have done it. I love it, my parents love it, the kids love it... win, win, win, all around! Haha! We like to believe that my parents enjoy it as much as we do! We sure appreciate you spending time with the kids like this :) Thank you!

So, today we hit the trails on Vedder Mt. We love the show Mantracker, so we thought we would have a little fun and pretend that he was after us. We got good at finding tracks, and were very surprised at how far up the mountainside trucks will dare to travel on such rough roads. We mainly stuck to dirt bike and mountain biking trails, but at one point our path was blocked by fallen trees, so we had to make a decision - go up the side of the hill, or retreat back down the path we just came up. Well, where is the fun in that?! We went up, of course!

Here are a few pics of our adventures this afternoon. Thanks for stopping by.

We had planned on heading straight to the top, but then hit our "turn around time." We had to get off the mountain before it got dark, and so we opted to not climb the rest of the way to the top... I know we'll go back another time to reach the top, though. What we did was a 2 1/2 hour hike, but you could spend all day on that mountain exploring!

Dirt bike trails.... we saw only one bike today.

Mountain Bike trails. These guys do a great job of maintaining their trails. It's encouraging to run across one of these trails when you are in the bush because you know it will always lead back to the main road!

We followed a really rough road at one point, and there were still truck tracks heading up here. I joked that Steve could just go get our truck and pick me up at the top!! He didn't go for it.

The weather was perfect hiking weather!

Road block.... so...
We went up...

But then on the side of the hill, we were met with more fallen trees. I opted to go under this tree, Steve went over. (The highlighted part shows where I crawled under).

It was much bigger and steeper than a picture can show.

What a fun day... where are we going tomorrow, Husband?!

Stamper's Note: If you come here to see my stamping projects, I promise I will post some more of those very soon. I spent the morning scrapbooking in my boys' books. Tomorrow morning I will put the finishing touches on those pages and then post them on here.


Katie and Scott said...

We're not Stampers - but we love checking out your adventures on the mountain! What great fun for your both. We too are greatful for grandparents!! And on our recent trip very much enjoyed that time together. Great photos.

Sarah said...

Thanks guys! There are so many trails and great hiking places around here. Unfortunately, a lot are still closed because of it being Winter... but our winter has been like a mild Spring, nothing like Winter, really, so trails should have opened early... but we have to wait to get on some of the trails until the calendar says it is the right time, even if the weather is perfect! These last couple hikes we've done have been off of forestry roads so they are open all year long.

deWoldeDaily said...

I don't know what I am more jealous of - you having an uninterupted scrapbooking morning or going on a hike with just your and your husband! so fun! Those pictures remind me of our Staff Retreat hike - that was still one of the funnest hikes I've ever done! Great memories!

Sarah said...

Hilda, I fully agree - that staff retreat hike is still one of my favourite hiking memories! I was hoping Steve and I wouldn't have to get down the hill on our butts like you and I did that time... I want to hike with you again! Even after you just having a baby, you could whip me, I am sure!

Jen said...

we love mantracker too! My boys like to play that in our backyard!