Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've started running again... today I went out with my 6 year old for an hour of running/walking. He is quite the motivator! Kept saying, "Wow, mom, you're a good runner!" Funny that I even heard him over the wheezing in my lungs. haha! Actually, it wasn't that bad. We've been doing a lot of hiking lately, and I have been using the elliptical in the basement on rainy days, so I wasn't totally pathetic.

We have a little goal - The Run For Water... I would go for the 10km option, but kids can only go in the 5km race - so I'm saved by the kid!!

Here's the link, want to join us?! RUN FOR WATER

** Disclaimer: The photo is not me, but I'm so close to that, you're welcome to just pretend it is me!!!


Andrea Hildebrandt said...

way to go Sarah...what a great cause to run for:)

Katie and Scott said...

Yeah! Good work - we knew it wasn't you by the shoes inthe photo...differnt then the ones you've worn in other hikes, etc. : )

Sarah said...

haha! Ya, the shoes are a dead giveaway!! I can't think of anything else that doesn't look exactly the same as me!

Anonymous said...

You have some nice friends :) g