Friday, March 19, 2010

Reba Nell McEntire

The woman is almost 55 (b-day is March 28th). But, she's still got it!

Steve and I got to go to Reba's concert last night here in town, and it was amazing! She did a lot of her older songs, as well as about 5 from her new album. Here are a few pics from our date....

Melissa Peterman, also known as "Barbara Jean" from the TV Series, "REBA" was one of the opening acts, doing her stand up comedy. She was hilarious!

(this pic is borrowed from a friend)

Crystal Shawanda is a Canadian singer who caught Reba's attention last Fall, so Reba asked her to join the tour - lucky girl!!!

Crystal came out later on, during Reba's show, to sing a duet with Reba - Does He Love You.

And, of course, Melissa couldn't sit still back stage, so she came out to join Reba for some more comedy! She busted into Reba's song "Survivor" and sang along.

(**Friend's photo)
Reba did "Fancy" as her encore, and slipped backstage to change into this red dress. What an all around awesome concert! Can't wait until she comes back to town!!


Leanne said...


Pam said...

Great pictures, what a hoot to have seen Melissa, REBA was one of my favorite TV shows. Sounds like too much fun! Now I wish I had seen it too.

koralee said...

Wow...I love her...wish I would of thought of going...glad you had fun and thanks for sharing. xo Have a great new week.

Crystal Fonk said...

Hi Sarah,
I am soooo envious you were able to see Reba...AND Crystal and "Barbara Gene". I don't have many friends that love the country tunes like Derek and I do, well mostly me. hahaha. Glad you had a great time and the pics are amazing too.
Would have loved to here the version of "Does He Love You" that they did.

Lisa said...

Hi Sarah,

I went too and was on the opposite side of the stage..was an awesome Sis got me tickets for Xmas...loved it...