Monday, January 18, 2010

A Whole New Look!

Here are the pictures!! We love the new look... I think Steve's favourite part is that his beloved Eagle picture is going to be front and centre now, and he painted the fireplace black. The TV is down to the left of the fireplace, and the piano is moved into the living room. The whole place just has a much cozier feel to it.


Patti said...

The colors look great Sarah! one question though, the decor elements you had up are you able to reuse them it looks like you took them down?

Louise said...

Looks great! Definitely a whole new look - are you going to put the picture up on the wall or just leave it as is? I'd hang it higher for a more dramatic focus but that's just your sisters two cents worth :)

Patti - nope the decor elements are not reuseable! So sad eh? I have one up in my youngest sons room and every now and then I get the urge to paint his room but think - "nope not yet - I'm not removing it just yet!"

Sarah said...

Patti, like Louise said, the decor elements is gone... but I will be putting up another one above the door... just going to give the walls a couple weeks to cure.

Louise, yes, definitely going to raise up the eagle. We just threw it up there for the pic. It will be in its proper place, centred in that space. It's perfect because there is even a light above it, so it seems like it was meant more for artwork than a TV in the first place. That was a bit too high for a TV up there, anyway.