Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sew Much Fun!

Who knew I'd love to sew?! I didn't think I really liked sewing, (except for the odd scrapbook page here and there!) but a few months ago, some friends were getting together to sew and they heard I had a sewing machine, so I got invited!! I went, I sewed, I enjoyed!

We are affectionately known as "the Bag Ladies" (can you see a trend? It makes things more fun when you add a catchy name to them!!). On one such night, I started a messenger bag to add into the Christmas gift for my son's teacher. See that bag here: Purple Messenger Bag. I had some fabric leftover from that bag, so I made Elise a small little purse-on-a-string that she loved the second I gave it to her! Eventually, I will get some pics of her actually using it, but for now, here are a couple pics from last Friday when the Bag Ladies got together to sew at Marcia's house.

The inside of the bag, as shown by my lovely hand model, Marcia :)

If you want to join our Facebook Group, "Bag Ladies Strike Again" please feel free! There are tons of links to FREE online patterns, and members can post photos of their latest projects. A great place to ask sewing questions, too. I won't likely be the one to answer your questions, because I won't likely know the answer!!! But there are lots of qualified sewers on there that would love to give you advice! Happy Sewing :)

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Louise said...

cute! how fun to make girlie things!