Monday, January 04, 2010

Some pics to share...

I have been away from my blog for a couple weeks now, and I just wanted to share a few highlights of what we did for Christmas.

For Christmas this year, we drove 2 days each way to see my sister and her family on the Canadian Prairies. We experienced extreme cold, but also some of the most gorgeous blue skies and sunshine. The kids played outside a couple times, but my westcoast kids couldn't stand the cold the same as their prairie cousins!

Scott and Jackson:

Ethan... I think he was hoping for a suntan! It was almost bright enough on this particular day!

Elise with her "Little Buddy" Liam... but Liam is 14 months older than her, so really, she's the "little" one!! She just happens to be the bossy one, too :)

The drive was fine on the way there, just a couple icy patches, and one short stretch of freezing rain. But on the way home, it was pretty much perfect. We had no ice or snow anywhere on the way home. There was half an hour where it actually snowed, but it didn't stick. That is pretty amazing when you think of what the weather could be like on a 3 province drive at this time of year. We count our blessings!

The drive there...
The drive home... (my parents' truck was in a lot of my pictures from this trip, because for the most part they were right in front of us!)

Christmas Day dinner:
Steve was pretty popular when he volunteered to play Wii games with all the little boys!

My brother gave all his nephews and his niece new jammies that they got to open on Christmas Eve and keep on while we opened stockings the next morning.

While we were there, the girls (my mom took the pic) slipped out for a little quiet time! No kids, no men, just our XL coffees and a little peace in the local coffee shop!

Steve and I also celebrated our 8th anniversary on this trip... not the most romantic anniversary of the last 8 years, but still, a very memorable one!

Wishing you all a blessed and Happy New Year!

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