Saturday, September 12, 2009

PNE - A little posting catch-up!

PNE Hightlights - 2009

Sept. 3/09... Steve and I dropped the kids off at his parents' place in the afternoon, and headed into Vancouver to the PNE. Lots of people have asked us since then, "You went to the PNE without your kids?!!!" Oh, yes we did!

The main reason we wanted to go on that particular day was that Abbamania was playing, and I am quite a bit of an Abba fan. Lately, I've been growing my hair out, and just yesterday I looked in the mirror and thought Mama Mia, you look like a hippy! A haircut will come soon, but until then, maybe Abbamania could think of me if they needed a fill in girl on some of their shows!!! I would so love to share the stage with them!

If you change your mind... I'm the first in line!... Take a chance on me :)

Here are a few of the pics I took that day... thanks for looking. And, ♫ Thank you for the music, for giving it to me!

They started and ended with Dancing Queen... probably my fave ABBA song!

Since 3 days later would be Steve's b-day we called that his birthday festivities... Here I am with my Honey Honey!

Here's a new show they put on this year, called "On the Edge." There is a square platform for the trucks to drive on, and they just push and bump and hit each other until one of them falls off. I would love to try that sometime!!! (seriously, I think that would be a riot!)

We saw the logger sports at the Agrifair a few weeks ago, but at the PNE we were able to get right up close... I got a few good pics of the guys in action.

Prize Home.... The Winner Takes It All!!! Not that we ever get prize home tickets, but we sure love walking through it and looking at the beautiful home that someone gets to win.

I found these signs very amusing... and it sure didn't stop the pushy people close to the PNE that want you to park in their yard. "Five dollars!" Actually, one lady said, "You're staying all day? 20 bucks!" Um, lady, that's not a deal!! The guarded parking lots were only $20 for the whole day... I think we'll take our chances there instead of your yard!!!

2 Brothers... BIG guys!

Knowing Me Knowing You... not at the PNE.. there were thousands upon thousands of people and we only ran into one family that we knew, and that was it. But it was Money Money Money that the PNE was raking in that day... every second person had some kind of food in their hands, and we even jumped on board with the spending and got some mini donuts and yummy lemonade!

And the countdown to the 100th anniversary of the PNE is on! Next year is the centennial for The Pacific National Exibition... I wonder which stars they will pull out to entertain next year - Nickleback? Bryan Adams...? Some other great Canadian Band? Great Big Sea would be pretty cool to see there.... Can't wait to find out! But since the Beetles and Elvis have both been there - in their primes, too... they are going to have to do something BIG!!!


Katie and Scott said...

Loved the Abba references throughout the post, Sarah. Now I can't get them out of my head! Looks like you two had a blast & good weather!

Sarah said...

I know what you mean about the songs getting stuck in your head!!! And if you happen to see the show - the dance moves tend to stick along with the lyrics!!!