Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lunch... a little late!

I know I am a bit late with this post, but I'm still going to blog it!

Last week, Sept. 4, a group of gals went out for lunch... aka: "The Ladies Who Lunch." This time, it was Tracycakes in Abbotsford that we chose for our dining pleasure. Yummmmm... I had the chicken wrap and it was wonderful. I had iced tea, which was probably not necessary, because the water was actually quite tasty there. Since we have the BEST water at home (not because of Abbotsford waterworks, but because of our Nikken water filter), I tend to be a bit picky with restaurant water, and that is why I often pick a drink that masks the city water taste! But, whether they use some kind of bottled water, or it's straight from the tap, it was a good water day at Tracycakes!

Enough about the water... let's talk about the food!

Chicken wrap... I would definitely have this again...

... oh yes, I have! (well on Sept. 4th, I did, anyway!!) This is a turtle cheesecake cupcake, and it is a good thing it wasn't any bigger because it was R-I-C-H! (and good!)

I was also fairly intrigued by all the pretty things in there (including all my pretty friends, who aren't pictured here!!)

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