Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of School!

We made it through the first day of school madness! Todd started Kindergarten and Scott is in grade one... they both had a great day. Elise was a bit sad that she got left behind this morning, but hey, her turn will come all too soon!

One of only 3 photos I got of Scott today... and none of them very willingly! I found out that when you're in grade 1, you are much too big and cool to pose for your mommy's photos!!!

Scott has to get another year out of his backpack, but Todd got a new one...

Todd loved exploring the playground!

Then, while we waited for Scott to be done school, Todd and I went on a "first-day-of-school-date." Todd chose apples and caramel as his snack. And I had a vanilla iced coffee.

He was totally tickled that he had the whole playplace to himself! At one point, from the top of the structure, he said, "oh, mom, someone put some words up here... but it wasn't me, I don't have a pen with me!" So, I was quite glad at that moment that he can't read just yet... I didn't climb up to investigate what the words were... but I can only imagine!

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Patti said...

Great pics Sarah, I really like the hopscotch one though!