Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Good morning! I am home alone right now, and it is so peaceful. Steve and the kids went to join his parents where they are camping, and they will only come back sometime this morning. I have already enjoyed a walk, eaten my breakfast, checked emails, tidied the kitchen after last night's class, and now I am blogging... and all in the peaceful quiet of an empty house. Well, except the walk - that was outside around the neighbourhood!

I was gifted last night with several books and magazines from 2 friends, all on scrapbooking and cardmaking. Such a wonderful thing! Thank you both! As I was reading through one of the books (called Clean & Simple Scrapbooking, by Cathy Zielske) I came across a page she made about herself, that was inspired by an American Express ad in another magazine. What a beautiful and simple way to preserve some thoughts about YOU, right at the place you are in your life right now!

On one side of the layout, put a large picture of yourself, then on the other side type out the prompt words, and then hand write your responses. Embellish as desired, and you're done. Make sure you date the page.

Here are the prompts she used...

my name
childhood ambition
fondest memory
wildest dream
proudest moment
biggest challenge
alarm clock
perfect day
first job
last purchase
favourite movie

I think I'll get started right away. Here's a pic that Steve took of me recently while we were walking around a lake close by... I think it would work just fine for a page like this!

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Louise said...

Fun idea! I like this picture too :)