Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Blueberry Lunar

Tonight, we are having our Care Group over for a Summer BBQ social. I am thankful for the cooler weather, but just praying that it doesn't rain! Everyone is bringing their own meat and something to share. My contribution is a Blueberry Lunar cake. I had someone ask what that is... so I thought I would share a pic and a recipe with you. I don't do that very often, but this is so easy to make, and it is soooo good!

The recipe says "Rhubarb Lunar Cake" which just goes to show you that I can't read a recipe... just kidding - it just means that you can substitute with whatever fruit you want - my favourite in this cake happens to be blueberries. And, they are plentiful at this time of year, so it's perfect!

You can see how the buttermilk gives the cake moon like qualities, and I love how the brown sugar mix on top just fills in all the divots! Mmmmm... now that it is out of the oven and cooling, and I can smell all its goodness, I wonder if there will be any left by Care Group time!

Since Buttermilk is not something I keep on hand - ever! (my mom loves to drink it, so you might find some at her house...but I don't much care for the stuff, so you probably won't ever see any in our house!)... I use regular milk with a bit of vinegar in it. I mix that together first - about 7/8 of a cup of milk, and then top it off with vinegar (I don't use any special kind of vinegar, just whatever I have on hand... ). Let that sit for a minute, then dump it in!

Put the fruit along the bottom of a glass pan (the big one... 9X13 or something like that) and then spread your batter over top. Put on the brown sugar topping and bake away. Easy. Yummy. No leftovers!!

Hope you enjoy your lunar cake. It is nice with a little bit of vanilla ice cream on top, too!


Marcia said...

I love how you just simply took a pic of the recipe instead of fussing with typing it out. Awesome, I will definitely try this recipe sometime. Thanks for sharing.

koralee said...

Yummy....thanks for sharing..have fun tonight!