Sunday, February 03, 2008

We love Leap Frog!

The boys each got "My First Leap Pad" for Christmas along with a plethora of games. So Elise got the hand-me-down Leap Frog Baby and all the games for that. They are creating quite the sound combo right now as the 3 of them play their 3 different "computers" on the couch. I had to share a picture! (Todd's a bit sad because just before this he got kicked out of the theatre where Steve is watching the Superbowl... he was acting out all the plays and it got to be a bit much!!!)


Grammie said...

Aw poor Todd. I can see the disappointment in his face...and he just loves sports...He can do those actions so well too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Todd
I know how you feel,When I was about your age my aunt came from Ontario,I got sent to bed, She never came back-----------------

Louise said...

Glad they are enjoying them!