Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Todd's birthday date

Tomorrow is Todd's birthday, so today he got to go on a date with Grandma and Grandpa. They had waffles for lunch (with jam and ice cream! What a lucky almost 4 year old!). And then he got to open his present which was a very cool hockey net! He LOVES hockey! Then they went to play Jungle Mini Golf, which Todd called "mini hockey!" Makes sense, doesn't it?

Todd and Grandma

He had a great day, and I asked him - as he almost fell asleep tonight at supper - if Grandma and Grandpa tuckered him out... he said no, he tuckered them out! Grandpa agreed!

So, that meant that I got to have a date today with Scotty, which was so much fun! Kids are so easy when you have them one on one!!! We went shopping and found birthday cake supplies, and presents, and we found this... of course, when it came in the box it was unassembled, so Steve and I just had a hoot putting it together... Steve commented that we probably shouldn't apply to do The Amazing Race together, because we have different ideas of how to follow instructions!!!! But, it doesn't matter - look how cool this castle is!!! And the whole idea behind it is that the kids colour it in. I love it! So when some friends come over tomorrow that is what they are going to do!!! I will post the finished product as well!


Quilt Nut said...

happy birthday Todd!

i LOVE that castle!!

Jen G. said...

What a fun day he must have had--lucky kid!! And GREAT castle!