Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Todd!

Well, now I have 2 four-year-olds!!! (only for 2 weeks and then Scott will turn 5). I was babysitting my friend's 3 kids this morning, so we made it into Todd's party!!! We coloured the castle (see previous post - but I'm not allowed to post it again yet because they aren't finished) watched Toy Story 2, ate hotdogs and chips, and had this cake. I made the cake last night after the kids were in bed, but I asked Todd what he wanted his birthday cake to look like... He said, "Well, birthday cakes should be round. And I want the Sheriff to be in the middle of it, with a bunch of Chick Hicks cars going around the sheriff!" Soooo - this is it!!! His Sheriff car was almost too big for the top of the cake, but that's what he wanted, so I washed it up and he got to stick it on! And the Chick Hicks cars are printed from my computer, and I put a couple layers of clear packing tape on them and stuck a straw on the back! The kids each took one of these cars home in their goodie bag.

The kids all got these Sheriff badges while they were watching the movie. So I guess we have kind of mixed in 2 sheriff stories here, but the kids play with all their toys together even if they are from differnt movies!!!


Andy H said...

Hey Sarah....cute cake, we're doing abby's b-day this weekend and its a cars theme, where did you find the car on the cake?
Happy Birthday Todd!!

Sarah said...

the sheriff car on the cake was from either Superstore or Walmart, but it was actually a gift from last year, and I just washed it up before putting it on the cake!! For the green cars I just searched "Cars Chick Hicks" and there were many choices... then I saved in my pics and printed off 9 on a sheet, only 8 fit on the cake, though.

Darcie Brown said...

Happy birthday Todd! That's a great cake. I bet it was really yummy!

Anonymous said...

Sarah - I love Todd's cake and what an easy one to decorate... especially nice cuz you followed his instructions.

I bet he liked it too.
Love mom

Quilt Nut said...

love the cake!