Saturday, January 05, 2008

Baby card

Here's a card I received from my sister Louise as a thank you for the gift I gave her baby Cole.

Question... what's with these little markers? They are supposed to be worry free, mess free, etc... glad I went with instinct and bought E a smock as well!!! She had so much fun colouring along with the boys... I don't mind a little mess, as long as they are getting along!!


Quilt Nut said...

is she still purple this morning? good thing you had the smock on her lol

Heather said...

Your daughter is adorable. Sometimes I let my little one use markers in the dry bathtub. When she was done, I stripped her down and filled the tub with water for a bath.

Kevin & Amy said...

My daughter Rachel received these for Christmas too, but they were the paint ones!! (from an aunt and uncle of course;) I also put a smock on her before I let her near them! But she had so much fun, so it's worth it:)

Anonymous said...

Kallista got the same ones for Christmas and she too makes a big mess with them. She loves to bang them on the paper, making the ink fly all over the place. Oh well, all in the name of fun, right.

Sarah said...

well today the little stinker got into a green regular (still washable) marker and made herself into a leprechaun... no pics, though, daddy washed her up too soon!!!!!

Hey Heather, I love the tub idea!!! I will have to do that sometime.

Amy, I saw the paint ones and I wasn't that daring... but E would have LOVED those ones too!!!