Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Patio Garden

I was determined to have a garden this year, however, we don't really have the yard for it. So, after browsing Pinterest, I decided that I could put most of the things I wanted to grow into pots. Here's how it all turned out... we are still harvesting beans, potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries!

For a couple months, we continued to to take the tomatoes inside overnight. This was our first beautiful tomato. For quite awhile, we thought it might be our only tomato! But we have had an abundance now in September.

I felt like a kid doing a Styrofoam cup science experiment when my beans started sprouting. I had almost given up on them, but you just keep remembering about all the work that is taking place below the surface before there is evidence on top of the soil.


The first sign of strawberries... I'll have to get some pics of the ripe ones, but that is very difficult because they get swallowed up before I can show how pretty they have become! They are tasty, too.

Elise, hard at work with the watering. She took this very seriously, and we discovered that she is quite the little worker.


I got some seed potatoes from my dad and we planted them in 9 pots. I may have put too many in each pot because the potatoes were very small, but that just saved on having to cut them up!



The cherry tomatoes are full of flavour and Elise is so proud of every single one of them! We ended up tossing 2 of the plants halfway through because they didn't make it, but with our 2 remaining plants, we have made salads, snacks, sent them on school lunches, and just eaten them right off the vine since there are no sprays or chemicals... the best way to know your produce is fresh and garbage-free... grow it yourself!!

Nothing like new baby potatoes with fresh backyard garden beans and onions, and cherry tomatoes on the side!

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