Friday, September 14, 2012

A few more summer pics

Our getaway at the end of the summer break consisted of more than just the 2 days we spent at Barkerville. I thought I would share some pictures of some of the other things we did. It reached some crazy hot temperatures... I managed to catch the thermometre at 37 degrees. At some points it even got hotter than this!

A view from my passenger window of some cool hills in Kamloops.

We spent a couple hours at the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops. The size of it is lovely, and it is so interesting to see so many animals from the BC area. The park is beautiful, and the workers we talked with were super friendly. The best part... our GV Zoo passes get us into the Wildlife Park for freeeeee!!!

The Buck-Doe City was the cutest thing I've ever seen... a complete miniature town. I am curious to know what the story is behind this little village.

The Bison were very cool to watch.

We didn't go on the train, but we'll have to grab a ride next time we go there. (Notice Scott chose to wear his GV Zoo shirt on the day we visited the Kamloops Zoo... how organized of him!)

Elise got chosen to be part of the bird show. The kids had to push a button to get a beeper to work, and that would get the owl's attention, and make her fly to that child.

This Grizzly Bear was all about the pool on this day. Not sure if this is the brother or the sister bear, but it looked so lovable and cuddly... but, I am sure that those big paws could do a number before we could even blink (I've seen "We Bought a Zoo", remember?!)

So playful! We watched him play for probably close to 10 minutes, and then he (or she?!) heard the dinner bell and took off out of the water like a bolt. It was probably salmon... I'd run for salmon, too. Yum!

Two of the hotels we stayed at had swimming pools, and one of them even had a waterslide. The key, we found, is to go to the pool in the morning, before or after breakfast, and you will almost guaranteed get the pool to yourself for as much as an hour! We did this both times. The first time we only shared it with 2 boys for about 10 minutes, and at the waterslide hotel, a father and son came in for just a few minutes to get one last slide in before they checked out. I heard people saying that the hotel pools at nighttime were crazy busy, so I'm glad we chose the morning.

Another highlight of our little adventure was stopping at my cousin's farm in Kamloops. They had come to visit us just a week or so before, and they said for us to stop in when we were going by so the kids could see the animals. My kids loved it, and her boys are so incredibly cute!

This goat became quite attached to Steve... Rather hilarious when he started eating shoelaces!

(Note to Auntie Louise... Todd started his obsession with this shirt sometime in the summer. Even though he's had it for awhile, and worn it a lot, it has recently become a staple that he begs to wear every single day!)

And a family favourite, on both sides, A&W rootbeer... a quick stop for a treat before hitting the road again to head a few more hours north. I think this was somewhere around Cache Creek.

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