Wednesday, August 01, 2012

It was 4 against 1

A couple weeks ago we borrowed the movie "We Bought a Zoo" from our local library. It is a true story, and it turned out to be a great family movie. We all love animals, so I thought we would bring it home and give it a shot. There is a "family friendly" sound track option, and if you have young kids, I recommend this because it covers a bunch of words you might not want your kids to hear :) More movies should have that option because there are some that I would love to show my kids, but because of the language in them, I won't let my kids see them.

After watching this movie, the score was 4 to 1... 4 of us really wanted to buy a zoo, but Steve was a solid NO! But, Steve did enjoy the movie!! Well, I couldn't get the zoo out of my head, and if I wasn't allowed to buy a zoo, then I thought zoo passes would be the next best thing! One day last week, while everyone else was busy, I went with my son, Scott, and we bought family passes to the zoo for the year. Then I texted Steve and said, "We bought a zoo!!!" He didn't believe me :)

We've already visited the zoo twice and I think you only need to go 2 1/2 times to have you membership paid for.

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Alexa said...

I never knew about that option. I was disappointed in the language too. Didn't think I needed to worry about it in a movie like that.