Tuesday, August 07, 2012

How I Contribute to my Family...

Last year, I tried the whole "chore chart" thing. I guess it worked... gave the kids a place to look at a list of things to do, etc. But I found it was using up a lot of paper.

This year, I am going to try this idea that I found on Pinterest. It is originally from a blog called Sutton Grace. Instead of calling them "chores" you call them Family Contributions. I like this so much better. When I ask my kids to do something, they usually say yes. But, there are times when they ask why??? My all-the-time answer is, "Because you are privileged to be part of this family, and with that privilege comes the responsibility to contribute."

Hmmm, maybe my long answer is the reason they usually say yes!! I wouldn't want to hear that all the time, either!

Last year with the chore chart, I found that we really only used it at the start of the school year, until around October or November. It really wasn't necessary to continue on throughout the year because the kids seemed to do their jobs without needing to be reminded after awhile.

We have a large closet with a window in our house that we have named "The Schoolroom" because it is where all school bags, gym bags, coats and hoodies get put after school on hooks. This is where the job lists are hanging, too. Instead of laminating these, which isn't very expensive, but does make the papers non-recyclable, I put my job lists in clear plastic sleeves which can still be wiped off at the end of each week if you use an overhead projector pen, or dry erase marker, but can be used again if we change the kids' jobs. All the kids have the same basic jobs like cleaning their rooms and practicing piano. But, then they are also given additional jobs that suit their ages.

Scott is 9 years old, and quite thorough in his work, so his jobs include vacuuming and getting the mail. He can take a sibling with him for the mail, but he is responsible for the key and making sure all the mail gets brought home.

Todd is 8. He does best with repetitive things that don't take a lot of problem solving, so dusting and taking out the garbage should be perfect jobs for him.

Elise is 6. She loves helping out wherever one of her parents are working, so when I told her that setting the table would be one of her jobs, she gave me a big smile!

I love the idea of contributing to your family so much more than doing chores and getting money. We do not give our kids an allowance, or pay them for completing chores. They sometimes get rewards, but usually that is in the form of a family reward, such as a family movie night, or going out for an ice cream treat.

Another resource, thanks to Pinterest, is from the Happy Housewife blog where there is a great list of family job ideas for every age group. Find it at this link.

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Susan said...

THANK YOU!!! I was looking around for this type of thing, and your post gave me exactly what I was looking for--you did all the work for me! I just clicked on your links! Thank you again!