Monday, August 06, 2012

A Day at the Fair

Summer doesn't seem complete without a trip to the country fair. We spent 5 hours in the 34 degree weather yesterday at the Agrifair, and here are a few of the highlights...

We got there in time for the worship service. The Youth Band was playing and a couple local pastors gave the message. A neat experience to be in the middle of the fair having a worship time.

Our friend, Sarah, was playing the keyboard with the band.

Next we went indoors for a beekeeping demonstration. This was so cool, and something that I would love to try one day. This man was covered in hundreds of bees. I've seen this done on TV before, but never live. The man in white just stood perfectly still, and the man in yellow said that the chances of him getting stung were slim to none because he was not doing anything that would make the bees feel threatened. It was the announcer that said that he, himself, was more at risk for getting stung, but that didn't happen.

After the bees we had some pizza for lunch and sat to watch the guys on skateboards. I was so impressed with what these guys could do on their skateboards. There were two 16 year old guys, and then a man that didn't say his age, but did say that he's been skateboarding for 36 years... and he still had it! He was doing spins and tricks that had "broken hip" written all over them!

16 year old, Andy, jumping over 6 skateboards and his buddy, Ryan! That's a trusting friend :)

Here are some pictures from the Lord Strathcona Mounted Troop show. These horses were beautiful, and they performed perfectly in the heat. We stayed for more than half the show, but the kids started wilting so I said we had to get in some shade for a bit.

At the end of the school year, the gym teacher organized for a portable rock climbing wall to visit the school. Only kids in grades 2 - 5 were allowed to participate for various reasons. Elise was totally ripped off that she didn't get to try it because she was only in Kindergarten. Well, at the fair, she spotted this climbing wall and she was more than determined to try this out! We headed over to the wall and she was the first to sign up!

Steve and Scott had a race...

Steve won :)

This is the only picture I got of Todd on the wall... oops! But when they were at the school with the wall, I took about 100 of him then, so it's all good!!

Still climbing! She tried all 3 sides, several times each.

The firemen are always so good with kids at these fairs. There was a fireman relay, and the first round Todd and Elise were against each other. Then the 2nd race was Scott vs. the fireman on the ground. At the end, the one in the white shirt (sorry I cut your head off in the picture) said, "ok, now drop and do 10 pushups both of you!" Scott got down beside the fireman and started his pushups, then the one in white picked Scott up and put him on the other guy's back. The one on the ground kept going!! Scott loved it!!

Sunflower picture - the mama made them do this, but they seem to have it figured out that if they cooperate with the pictures I ask of them, then it only takes one or 2 shots, not 25!!

The kids and Steve saw these trampoline acrobats last year, but I was in Norway during the Agrifair, so this was my first time seeing these people perform. WOW! I couldn't believe the tricks these 3 could do with a trampoline and a wall.

A good day at the fair, despite the heat. Even ran into some old friends that we haven't seen in quite awhile. Good place to catch up... at a country fair!

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