Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 years.... TEN YEARS!!!

It's our anniversary. Our tenth. I'm pretty proud of that. I knew the minute I laid eyes on Steve that he was going to be mine. Of course, it just took him a little bit longer (like 18 months!) to figure that out, but he did. Bless his heart, he did, and then 3 1/2 months later he asked me to marry him. I said yes. And 3 1/2 months after that, we got married. 3 days before Christmas.

When I was in the store the day before our wedding and I happened to mention to the clerk that I was getting married the next day, she took my hand and said, "Oh congratulations... I hope you get SNOW!"

What an awful thing to say to someone about to get married! Granted, it was 3 days before Christmas, but the last thing I wanted, in my sleeveless wedding dress, was snow. Good night lady, what are you thinking?!

It didn't snow. It was plus 10 on our wedding day and we even had some outdoor photos. I had a sleeveless gown and not a care that it was the 2nd day of Winter.

We spent our first Christmas together in Cuba. Such a great vacation for our honeymoon. Over the years, I've been adding pages here and there, to a scrapbook for Steve. I haven't done anything for awhile, so I thought I would do up a couple pages in MDS (My Digital Studio) and give them to him on our anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, Steve.
I love you with all my heart!

Here's the double layout...

Pages separated to show the detail better. MDS is such a great tool to use, and I find myself using it for far more than just digital scrapbooking.


Lisa V said...

Happy Anniversary and the very merriest of Christmas's Sarah.

Catalina Stancu said...

I was just passing by.. But I just couldn't go on without saying: Best wishes to you both on your Anniversary. May the love that you share last your lifetime through, as you make a wonderful pair ♥.
Happy Anniversary~!!