Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Scandinavian Hearts

We hosted Christmas for Steve's family this year, and I made these Scandinavian Hearts to hold chocolates as the kids' place settings. They are a tradition in Scandinavian countries, and are super easy to make. I remember making them with my Mormor and my mom when I was young. I've often done them with kids at school, and once you've made one, they are easy as pie! When we would go to my Mormor and Morfar's house on Christmas Eve, they would have these hearts on their tree, and sometimes there would be small gifts in them, or an orange or some candies. They can be made any size and I think some really small ones would be cute on the front of a card, or you could make some up the right size to be a gift card holder. They are pretty at Christmas time, but also very appropriate for Valentine's Day ♥

I didn't use a template - just cut the 2 pieces on folds and then cut straight lines, but if you want to see some directions, here's a good tutorial: WOVEN HEARTS

I used some colourful Christmas paper, but other things like newspaper, wrapping paper, and even old wallpaper books are great papers for these hearts.

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