Saturday, July 09, 2011

Victoria with Scott

School's Out For Summer!!!

This is a bitter-sweet time for us... It's Elise's last summer before she starts school full time. The boys approach summer totally differently from each other. Todd is an easy-going kid, so he just goes with the flow, but he was ready for summer to start so he could have a break from school work. Scott, on the other hand, started missing school before school was even over. He just starts thinking about 2 long months without seeing his friends every day and his structured school work, and he gets melancholy. I know that's hard for some people to grasp, but that's my boy!!!

I decided to break up the week for him by taking him to Victoria for a few days to spend some time just with me, and with my parents. We got together with some of my cousins, and a few friends, too, but mainly we just hung out at home with the berries and the chickens!!

Remember my old Canon that I talked about in my last post? Well, I let him use it for the week. He LOVED it! I have to load his pics still, but from what I could see, he did a great job!

Here are a few pics from our little getaway. We were gone for 3 nights.

On the ferry:

Taking pictures of everything... He wrote in his journal while we were gone and I plan to print some of the pics he took and let him add those beside the pictures he drew. His journal entries were adorable, but I'll save those for another post.

What a treat! We saw whales on our way over. The captain made an announcement that whales would come into view in the next couple minutes and we made it out to the right deck in time to get a couple shots. They were quite far away, so I zoomed in as far as I could, then cropped, so it's a bit blurry, but you can see what it is. This is with my new camera, and it's a thousand times better than what I would have captured at that distance with my old one.

My dad got chickens... Scott spent a lot of time in the chicken coop this week, and made some new friends, as well!

We went to the beach twice while in Victoria. The first time it was beautiful and sunny, the second time, cold and windy! Here's Scott and Island View Beach enjoying the water and sand.

One of the things Victoria is famous for... Fisgard Lighthouse. I spent an afternoon with my cousins at Esquimalt Lagoon and took this from where we were sitting across the water from the lighthouse. One of these days, I'd like to take the kids to Fort Rodd Hill and do a proper tour of the grounds with them, not just showing them the lighthouse from the distance!

It was a great mini-vacation, and Scott had a wonderful time - that was the whole point! Thanks, mom and dad, for letting us just come and hang out for a few days. (with almost no notice!!)

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