Sunday, May 29, 2011

Running for Water

Today was the 4th annual Run For Water in our city, and I ran it with my boys (well, we 3 ran it, but not really "together"!) This race raises money for clean water in Ethiopia, and there were 2814 runners participating today in four different distances (5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon) and over $200,000 raised! Amazing!

Both the winner of the 1/2 Marathon and the winner of the full Marathon were running for their first time at that distance, and won. I thought that was pretty cool!

Our race clothes laid out last night:

The three of us started off together, but I had told the boys that if they stuck together, they did not have to wait for me. They were happy about that, and just went for it!!

The boys left me at the starting line, and I only had sight of them until the first bend in the road about 3/4 of a km into the run. Then I didn't see them again until after the race. They finished 8 minutes ahead of me!

Off to a good start......

Todd placed 9th in his age category! Scott finished at the same time as him, but was in the 8-12 year old category, so it was a bit more difficult to place in the top 10! So proud of my boys.

With some friends... their oldest daughter placed 6th in her age category for the 5K, and their oldest son placed 2nd overall in the 10K, which put him first in his age category. These kids are amazing (there are 6 of them!) and they all ran, including their parents!! Elise is proudly holding a medal in this pic, but she just borrowed it for the photo - didn't want to be left out just because she didn't race!!!

The race day events were great, too. Bouncy castles, slides, food, free Starbucks coffee, and lots of music. A really well-planned, and well-attended community event, with global focus.

My boys really loved the food tent for runners. Water, fruit, power bars. I think they really just wanted to run the race so they could eat the food at the end!!! Oh, and Todd wanted a medal :) He said he is now going to collect medals!


Kimberly said...

Congrats to you all! Did it end at Mill Lake? There were cars all over our street this morning!

Sarah said...

Kim, that's right! The area all surrounding Mill Lake was pretty packed and busy yesterday. The race coordinators were out there already at 3:30 setting up the course and getting things ready. And the first batch of Marathon runners started at 6am.

Beautifully Mended said...

Great Job Sarah and boys!!!! What a wonderful memory in honour of a great and worthy cause!


Katie and Scott said...

Yeah! So excited for you guys - looks like a nice too! Keep up the great work!